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September 1, 2015

I did my little video and progress picture thing this morning. Also, when I jumped on the scale I was 280lbs. Now I know majority of that was probably water weight, but I was still happy to see that after one day of switching things up. I haven’t eaten since around noon or one yesterday. I thought I would’ve been hungrier, but I guess I keep my fluids up enough to fight off the hunger. I’m trying to decide whether or not I want to cut out all soda and crystal light as well. I brought in some of the Costco meatballs for lunch to break my fast (haha breakfast at lunch…bad pun), so I hope I have enough shredded cheese in the fridge. I wish I had some mustard to go with this mayo jar I have at work. I like the mix of these two condiments. The flavor I mean. I need to do my pushups and squats because I’ve been slipping since last week. I was in the bed when I remembered to do them last night, but I was already pretty much down for the count. Speaking of down for the count, I notice that when I don’t eat or when I’m fasting, I can sleep forever. It took me a long time to actually wake up at my normal schedule this morning, and I fell asleep earlier than I usually do. I need to start going to sleep around 2100 instead. I made it all the way to 1230 before I had anything to eat. Maybe it was 1215, but it was pretty close. So I guess I’m good to go for the next 24 hours. I’m not hungry anymore after the meatballs, I guess I had to wait for them to start being digested or something. I feel like an idiot right now lol.

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Personal Update 7

Ok, so this week I dropped 4.8 lbs and I’m currently at 265.4. Some people would be estatic about this, but I’m not some people. I think I could’ve lost more. But then again, I don’t think I’m fully in ketosis again yet. I just got a slight hint of the fruity taste yesterday. Maybe I should lay off the Crystal Light for a week and see if that’s really it.

Side note: what I mean by “fruity taste” is a little hard to describe, but I’ll try. Basically, some people in keto get a weird, somewhat sweet taste in their mouths. I’m not sure of an exact timeframe when this usually occurs in the whole keto process, and I really don’t think it can be gauged since everyone is different. For me, when I’m in deep keto, the taste is really strong upon waking up and if I don’t eat anything for a long time. Long being 6+ hours.

Anyway, there’s that. The last update, I said I sprained my knee. That was actually only a few weeks ago (tomorrow wil be three weeks since that happened). Needless to say, it’s been hard to do any type of exercise. I can’t wait till my knee is 100% again…I’ve been aching to do some exercise since I hurt myself and I’ve even tried to run a few times the past week. They’ve ended in epic fails, but they haven’t been discouraging. Before, I could barely walk so I’m happy with my progress as far as getting around. Well that’s all I got for now, so I’ll check in again soon.

– Veezy

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Hannibal for King

Ok, so I was in Iraq on my second tour and one of my friends was telling me about the Spartan Race. Depending on the type of race, it’s composed of obstacles throughout a course that varies in length, usually 5km+. If you’ve seen Tough Mudders and similar events, then you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, I was looking through the website and all of the videos they had posted. Then I came across THIS video:
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Personal Update 3

Hey everybody, I apologize for not writing this sooner. I meant to put these out every Monday, but life happens right? Anyway? I’m currently at 240.4 lbs as of Sunday morning, so it could be less. Mind you now, when I first started writing this blog I was at 256. That’s 16 lbs just about in a month and a half, probably shorter. You see this keto stuff works, right? And I actually came out of ketosis for about a week and I was having a little trouble getting back in. So there you go.

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How to Get Started on a Ketosis Diet

I know last post I said was going to get into who inspired me to jump back into calisthenics, but I’ve been getting asked this question a lot lately. We can save my motivation for next week. Let’s make things a little easier for those who don’t know where to start.

There are a few methods of approach that you can take to begin, but I’ll give you three steps that kind of summarize what I did so that maybe it’s easier for you.

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