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Personal Update 10

What’s up everyone? Sorry for the wait. I should’ve posted yesterday but I crashed out and woke up an hour before I had to be at work. That’ll end soon though. I’ll explain in another post.

Anyway, I weighed myself Monday morning and I was 258.6 lbs. So that’s about 4 lbs dropped since last week. I think I might’ve had a woosh or something (a keto woosh is an actual thing, I didn’t just make it up right now). I’ve still been eating a decent amount of sodium, so it’s not because I dropped water weight. Anyway, my clothes are fitting pretty good and I’ve actually been wearing stuff that didn’t fit a few months ago. Non scale victory!

I need to change the settings on my WordPress, btw. I’m getting too many notifications on new posts and what not. Either that, or unfollow that particular user. Don’t worry; it’s none of the people I’ve actually interacted with.

I’m not a kitchen guru, but I always have some quick meals up my sleeve and they’re delicious (well at least to me they are). I’ll be more active this week with my posts. I also look forward to seeing some of the awesome recipes and progress from of my friends on here. 

– Veezy


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