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Costco Meatballs

You have a really inconvenient schedule that doesn’t allow much time for anything else besides sleeping and working. I know, so do I. What’s that? You have all kinds of free time? Lucky you, but this might help you too.

So at Costco, they have these huge bags of meatballs that are 6 lbs each, if I’m not mistaken. They look like this at the one I frequent: 


Some stores have them in a black and green bag. Same thing. The point is that these meatballs are one of the most delicious and versatile foods I have in my keto arsenal. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, whatever.

My favorite thing to do with the meatballs is to grab a regular-sized cereal bowl, nuke 10 of them in the microwave for about 3 minutes, and drizzle some cheese over the top. Question in the back? What kind of cheese? Oh ok, here’s a picture sir:


FINALLY, I like to take a couple spoonfuls of mayo, squirt a little mustard over the mayo, mix it up until it’s this pale yellow consistency, and devour the entire thing. Quick,  delicious, AND it’ll keep you full for hours (those who are in keto know how long you stay satiated after a meal). I wish I had more time to actually cook, but you can’t go wrong with these meatballs. Did I mention they go great with scrambled cheese eggs in the morning??

– Veezy

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Personal Update 10

What’s up everyone? Sorry for the wait. I should’ve posted yesterday but I crashed out and woke up an hour before I had to be at work. That’ll end soon though. I’ll explain in another post.

Anyway, I weighed myself Monday morning and I was 258.6 lbs. So that’s about 4 lbs dropped since last week. I think I might’ve had a woosh or something (a keto woosh is an actual thing, I didn’t just make it up right now). I’ve still been eating a decent amount of sodium, so it’s not because I dropped water weight. Anyway, my clothes are fitting pretty good and I’ve actually been wearing stuff that didn’t fit a few months ago. Non scale victory!

I need to change the settings on my WordPress, btw. I’m getting too many notifications on new posts and what not. Either that, or unfollow that particular user. Don’t worry; it’s none of the people I’ve actually interacted with.

I’m not a kitchen guru, but I always have some quick meals up my sleeve and they’re delicious (well at least to me they are). I’ll be more active this week with my posts. I also look forward to seeing some of the awesome recipes and progress from of my friends on here. 

– Veezy