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Caveman Keto

I mentioned Caveman Keto before when talking about different ways to start a ketosis diet. I also mentioned that he has a lot of good recipes up on his site. What I’m not sure about is if I actually posted any of those recipes before on Ketosthenics, so I guess I’ll do that today.

He hasn’t been posting regularly on his site lately, so maybe that’s why I haven’t been following his blog closely. But over the recent week, he’s been posting a lot of new recipes. One in particular that I saw was bacon-wrapped sausage. Bacon-wrapped sausage, you say? Please show me more.

Well here you go. You can check out this link below that I’m going to post and see for yourself. Personally, I like his updates where he includes videos on YouTube of how to make them at home, but this will do for now. This recipe looks awesome, and I’m going to try it soon.

Fry-day: Bacon Wrapped Sausages



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