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Personal Update 5

I’m a little late this week for my update, but I actually just started going back to college this past Monday. So once again, I apologize for the delay. That being said, here goes nothin.

The last time I officially weighed myself, I was 232 pounds. This week, I’m kind of doing an experiment to see how much weight I will gain back for eating whatever I want for the entire duration. We’ll see what happens with that. As of right now, I’m pretty happy with my progress and I hope to see similar results in the future. I haven’t started the Hannibal for King exercise program yet, but I will be doing so on Monday.

Also, I got a logo created for the site, so I’m trying to work on making Ketosthenics a little more presentable for my readers. I’ll probably be changing it in the future, but that’s what it is for now. I also want to work on the theme for the site, so expect a few cosmetic changes here and there over the coming weeks.

– Veezy


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