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Keto on the Go

Alright, so this post is about where to go when you’re in a pinch and it’s impractical to eat an already-prepared meal. My following statements might be frowned upon by those who follow the bullcrap “Standard American Diet”, but I don’t care. This is going to help those that have busy lives and are serious about sticking with keto.

Through personal experience, fast food joints provide great keto-friendly options as long as you’re sticking with burgers. Here’s a list of my favorites when I’m in a rush and I’m hungry:

1. McDouble (McDonald’s).

As far as quick options are concerned, you can’t really go wrong with these. Some locations will even wrap them in lettuce for you if you ask. If that’s not possible, just simply remove the buns and have at it. They’re cheap, you get them super quick, you can smash multiple burgers without having to worry too much about your macros, and you can always get a Diet Coke to wash it down.

2. Ultimate Cheeseburger (Jack in the Box).

These are a little more expensive than the first option and only available in the western US, but damn are they delicious. The good thing about these is unlike McDoubles, they already come with barely any ketchup added (it’s a lot more mayonnaise instead). Again, remove the bun and go to town. If you’ve been in keto for a while, one of these should keep you satisfied for a while before you get hungry again. You could always wash it down with a Diet Coke and be on your way as well.

3. Baconator (Wendy’s).

This is by far my favorite keto fast-food option. Every location I’ve been to has given me the option of wrapping it in lettuce rather than a bun. On top of that, they also come already topped with mayo and only a touch of ketchup. And we won’t even get into the bacon with cheese melted all over it. Did someone say food porn? I would eat one of these everyday if I could.

These are just the choices that are most convenient for me based on how close it is to my house or my route to work. You can always try Hardee’s, Carls Jr., Five Guys, Fuddruckers, Checkers, Rally’s, or anything else that is more convenient or that you prefer. I just suggest that you do the research for the macros yourself before you try. I’m by no means endorsing any of the restaurants, or any advice I’m giving in my posts for that matter.

If anyone knows any good keto fast good options, you’re welcome to share in the comments below.

– Veezy


2 thoughts on “Keto on the Go

  1. I know Five Guys will gladly do a low-carb burger for you. Another great place to get keto-friendly food is the hot deli at the grocery store – most have grilled or roasted chicken breast available to go. When I’m out shopping, that is my go-to fast food:)

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