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Hannibal for King

Ok, so I was in Iraq on my second tour and one of my friends was telling me about the Spartan Race. Depending on the type of race, it’s composed of obstacles throughout a course that varies in length, usually 5km+. If you’ve seen Tough Mudders and similar events, then you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, I was looking through the website and all of the videos they had posted. Then I came across THIS video:

I was astounded. Who the hell was this guy, and where did he come from?! I looked him up on the internet, and found a whole bunch of his videos that demonstrated his phenomenal strength. Then I looked around for more individuals similar to him and found a load of forums for athletes that were all dedicated to achieving ultimate fitness through body weight exercises. You can find a list of of the more popular guys here.

Now I’m not an advocate against weight lifting, especially since I have a lot of experience myself. But I believe a combination of both, with mainly calisthenics, is the best way to a stronger and more mobile version of yourself. When I say more mobile, I mean that some of the more elite bodybuilders have issues with flexibility. If you’re interested to see these calisthenics freaks yourself, check out the link I put up in the middle of the post. Maybe you’ll be inspired like I was.

– Veezy


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