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Personal Update 3

Hey everybody, I apologize for not writing this sooner. I meant to put these out every Monday, but life happens right? Anyway? I’m currently at 240.4 lbs as of Sunday morning, so it could be less. Mind you now, when I first started writing this blog I was at 256. That’s 16 lbs just about in a month and a half, probably shorter. You see this keto stuff works, right? And I actually came out of ketosis for about a week and I was having a little trouble getting back in. So there you go.

By the way, I might start posting my keto food experiments. One meal I recently discovered was scrambled eggs, feta cheese cooked in, and a little Mexican cheese over the top. Absolutely delicious. You should try it yourself though, don’t take my word for it!

– Veezy


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